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Originally from Detroit, Michigan (USA) - Alison Grimm (b. 1983) works in a variety of media including sculpture, installation, and paper collage. The artwork conceptually centers on the transformative experience of the viewer evoked through memory, sight, and visualization. Over the course of the last decade Grimm has developed a deep interest in shrines, altars, orifices, and architectural focal points - exploring the capacity of these particular objects, shapes, and design methods to elicit symbolic meaning. Personal and collective histories, political and philosophical topics provide important foundations for her work. Through the utilization of found materials, architectural and geometric design, Grimm seeks the viewer’s attention and imagination to further these narratives. Creating an exchange with her audience through a process of interaction is very important to Grimm—the viewer’s presence and direct experience is the method through which the work is fully activated and made whole. Sculpture’s ability to function as a platform through which these physical-psychological experiences can take shape has been a driving force behind the majority of her work thus far.



Grimm received her MFA in Sculpture from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in 2018. She is currently residing in Munich, Germany, furthering her art practice while completing an MA degree in American Cultural Studies at Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München's Amerika-Institut.