Every piece & series of artwork has a foundation from which it grows - for me, ideas for work come from historical & cultural research, personal & collective memory, existential reflections, as well as dreams for the future.

How can we attempt to capture and convey so much in such a little moment as that which is a work of art? This page (still under construction) highlights some my projects, in order to provide the audience a conceptual backdrop to the work.

  "ALTAR"   2016-present  

An altar is a place for an idea, object, history, relationship; an intentional space where you can honor, ponder, meditate, appreciate & imagine. 
It is a location that can communicate specifically or open endedly. The "altar" has been a major conceptual instigator and influence in my work for some time.

  Museum of Total Truth - Planet GRIMJOY  2015   

Alien life is discovered on a far away planet, by Earth's future precious resource hunters. What came of these intelligent beings as their lives were increasingly corralled by economic motive? This science-fiction exhibition, presented at Madonna University in 2015, was heavily influenced by books like "Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder", reflections on our economic and cultural systems, and years of my own intuitive drawing and object-making practice. 

  HEALING - 2015  

“Healing” aimed to create a space where individuals, through one-on-one conversation, can share their vision of Detroit, what has happened in the personal and collective history of this city and region, and what the future might hold. 


*Here are some questions to prompt your interaction at this junction:


Do you think Detroit as a community, city, and part of our country/world has experienced trauma? What trauma do you see here? 

Do you see effects of personal and systemic racism here in Detroit? 

What is you and your family’s experience with racism? 

What are your personal stories & roles in both the trauma and the healing process? How can healing occur to remedy what has happened?

It is my belief that in order for healing to occur, we must truly witness/listen to each other and gain understanding…. 


You are invited to candidly speak your mind!

Thank you for participating.

  Territorial Exclusivity (Detroit '55) - 2013  

Text, pictures, and video to come.

  "America" (series) 2011-2013  

Text and pictures to come.

  VIEW  2011  

Text, pictures, and video to come.